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Because of many different variables, such as, location, size, weight, distance, etc., it's best that you call us at (866) 669-5400 for a quote. One of our friendly dispatchers will assess your situation and help you get on your way again. Visit our Towing Rates page for more information.

If your vehicle was in an accident you will need to call your insurance company and start a claim. Your insurance company will give you a claim number. Please be sure to write it down. You will then need to fill out, sign and date our Arizona Hold Harmless Form (Toe Form 112) stating you are releasing your vehicle to your insurance company. You may have to complete this form more than once as it will need to be released to the tow company picking up your vehicle also. Most of the time your insurance company will do this in lieu of you, however some will not. You will also need to provide government photo ID & proof of ownership (title or registration) for our records and they must be emailed to (fax will not be accepted).

Government photo ID, proof of ownership (title or registration) & payment.

No, you must have a permanent registration to pick up your vehicle. You will have to get this from the MVD or the DMV dependent on which state your vehicle will be permanently registered.

You must first meet all legal title and registration requirements before the vehicle can be returned to you. This can be done through the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD). If the vehicle is registered out of state, you must either register the vehicle in Arizona or deal with the state in which it is currently registered. The vehicle cannot be released without proof of current registration.

Government photo ID & proof of ownership, release documentation from the police agency & payment. Further questions regarding the 30 Day Hold Release will need to be directed at the Agency itself as we do not handle the release ourselves.

They are the fees that are due before you come to the tow yard to pick up your unit. We cannot release the unit to you until you can provide the Fee Receipt and Police Agency Release. Further questions regarding these fees will need to be directed at the agency itself as we do not handle those fees.

Before you contact our Corporate Office make sure you have the following information to look up your unit. What is the VIN number , license plate number and owner's full name? These 3 items are the only way we can locate the unit for you.

You will need either the Arizona Hold Harmless Form 112 (which will need to be Notarized), Death Certificate or Repossession Paperwork. Other documents that we will require along with the above mentioned is government photo ID for both the registered owner and the authorized person named on the Arizona Hold Harmless Form 112, proof of ownership (title or registration) & payment.

Yes, only the registered owner can enter the tow yard and the unit. The registered owner can give someone authorization by filling out the Arizona Hold Harmless Form 112 which must be notarized. The original form must be mailed along with a copy of the registered owner's government issued ID.

We have a Credit Card Authorization Form (Toe Form 114) that will need to be filled out, signed and dated. Once complete the form can be emailed along with a copy of the driver license & front and back of the credit card.

Vehicles impounded under ARS 28-3511 must be stored for a period of thirty (30) days before being released. The law allows for some exceptions, and you may be eligible to have the vehicle released sooner. For example, if your driver's license is reinstated by the Motor Vehicle Division or the courts, you may be allowed to have your vehicle released before the thirty (30) day period.

Yes, the owner is still liable for the administrative fee at the Police Department and all towing and storage fees at the towing company’s facility up to the actual date of release.

No, the towing company is not allowed to release an impounded vehicle without paperwork from the Police Department.

No. As long as the officer impounded your vehicle according to the law and Police Department policies and procedures, the outcome of any trial is not relevant.

Under Arizona law, the towing company may file for an abandoned title and seek ownership of the vehicle if it is left at the tow yard unclaimed for more than ten (10) days past the mandatory thirty (30) day impoundment. If you have difficulty in paying for the towing and storage, you should at least contact the towing company if you wish to retain ownership of your vehicle. If it's not a thirty (30) day impound we are by law required to file for an abandoned title and seek ownership of the vehicle after the tenth (10th) day of impoundment.

Bring a valid driver's license and a combination of identification items to prove your identity.

A notarized Power of Attorney from the registered owner AND a notarized Affidavit of Repossession from Motor Vehicle Division.

A 'Writ of Replevin' (an order to repossess property) from any court can be presented, listing the vehicle's description, including the VIN.

If the vehicle is being repossessed, the Lien Holder or Repossession Agent must present a valid driver's license and a notarized letter on the company letterhead that shows the debtor's name, the loan or account number and the complete vehicle description, including the VIN.

A 'Hold Harmless' letter on the company letterhead stating:

Pursuant to ARS §28-3511 and ARS §28-3512, the Lien Holder or Repossession Agent will not release the vehicle prior to the 30-day period to the current registered owner if that person was the driver at the time of the impoundment.

The Lien Holder or Repossession Agent agrees to hold the Police Department harmless from any civil actions resulting from the release of the vehicle.

A release for the vehicle may be issued by the Police Department only IF one of the following exemptions applies:

  • The Lien Holder is a motor vehicle dealer, bank, credit union or acceptance corporation that holds a security interest in the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is subject to bailment as described in ARS §28-3512-A-2.
  • The vehicle is a rental as described in ARS §28-3512-A-4.
  • The vehicle is subject to foreclosure or repossession as per ARS §28-3512-D.
  • It was determined at a Post Storage Hearing that the vehicle was improperly impounded.